EEMB Battery Ensures All-weather Reliability for Solar LED Lighting

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As the dramatic shortage of traditional resources, Solar LED lighting are spreading rapidly around the world. Solar LED lighting has perfect intelligent control system and all-weather design that can collect energy from sunlight during the day, and convert into electrical energy to power lamp at night. Besides, it can store redundant energy into battery that ensures enough power for rainy days. Solar LED lighting is not only convenient for people going out at night, but also catered for the concept of energy conservation, emissions reduction and low carbon life. Therefore, it is indispensable to choose a suitable battery to keep solar LED lighting available.

EEMB provides advanced LiFePO4 battery for solar LED lighting, which has the advantages of small and light, remarkable temperature performance, multi-level protection design. Compared with lead acid battery, it has up to 5x of service life. Solar LED lighting consists of solar panels, LiFePO4 batteries, LED light and controller, which is of integrated design of light ray control and motion control and easy installation. Solar led lighting meets the needs of commercial and residential area that is ideal for greenhouse, garden landscape, gate pathway, backyard, warehouse, parking lot, etc.




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