EEMB Smart Hybrid UPS Expands Electrical Energy Storage Marketplace

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Electrical energy storage tops the wish list for a growing number of photovoltaic panel owners who sadly witness the death of photons each time the sun sets. Photons, the items that generate electricity and make the world of rooftop solar energy possible at all, cease to exist in darkness. As such, night-time — including heavily clouded days — has long spurred the quest for affordable batteries or alternative energy storage devices that might make renewable solar electricity available when it is needed. Now, Smart Hybrid UPS has developed its 8-kWh and 16-kWhlithium-ion power storage system that can be used for both solar energy storage and smart home connectivity.

The Smart Hybrid UPS system is an innovative new home energy storage and energy management system. It provides value to both the customer and the utility by reducing peak power consumption and fluctuations on the grid. And when the grid goes down, customers can operate indefinitely in an off-grid mode with the solar and battery system providing power to the home’s critical loads. Besides, the Smart Hybrid UPS system is easy to installation and maintenance with its modular design. The LiFePO4 battery, known for its high safety and long cycle life, makes the highest quality, long lasting energy storage systems available cooperating with Battery Management System. EEMB is always on a mission to put the customer in charge of their renewable energy with its safe and reliable clean technology




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