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What factors will you take into account while choosing a power bank, high capacity, exquisite design, excellent safety, or acceptable price? In order to cater consumer’s various tastes, many manufacturers claim that their products are safe and with capacity as high as 12000mAh, 18000mAh, 20000mAh, or even higher. Let us calculate, most power banks on the market are made of Li-ion 18650, 2600mAh/cell, how can a power bank (which can only hold 4 cells, 2600*4=10400) own 20000mAh? What’s worse,the portable batteries with false capacity will destroy your electronic products and even threaten your safety. So when the power banks are branded with unbelievable capacity and low price, you need to be alerted.

EEMB upholds the principle that honesty is the best policy. We provide real capacity power banks-Brio series.

Our power banks are made of Lithium polymer batteries rather than Li-Ion batteries. Lithium polymer batteries have higher   endurance to high temperature and much safer, greener and   have longer life span than Li-ion batteries do. What’s more, EEMB’s Brio series win deep love of customers for its fashionable design, real capacity and competitive price. If you are confused with the power bank emerged on the market and doubt its capacity, Why not choose Brio?




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