What is cookie?

Cookies are the data temporarily stored in your computer by the server (a text document of .txt format) for the recognition of your computer. During browsing, the Web server will first send a small piece of data to your computer.

These cookies have the function of recording your browsing activity including some words input and selections you made. Then, when the same website is browsed again, the Web server will check if the corresponding cookies have been left, if have, the server will judge the user according to the content in coolies and then send some relevant websites to you.

Cookies has many functions:

Cookie will record your logon credentials, which saves the troubles of re-typing the credentials each time you are ready to log in.

Cookie also helps in checking the pages and functions that have been visited by the viewers and how long they spent on these and then analyzes the most popular part of our website for both the third party and us. These information will guide us to effectively optimize our service in order to provide better browsing experience to users.

Besides, we and the third party can learn more about the advertisements browsed by you. In this way, we can make sure the same ads will not pop up again next time.

By collecting the information of using our service and other websites and applications, cookie can help us and the third party to offer you some relevant content an ads to your side.

If you access service through the Web browser, you can setup your browser as reception of all Cookie, rejecting all Cookie or inform when Cookie is set. With different types of browsers, please check the Browser “Help” Menu to learn more about changing the Cookie preference. Other Cookie controls may exist in the operation system of your device, and please pay attention that some services are designed as working with Cookie, which may affect your using these services or the ability to use part of the services if you disables cookie.

Promotion Cookie

We will visit the promotion cookies sent to your devices by the websites of our business partners. These Cookies are used to identify our partners actions to promote users to our websites each time as well as information that whether the users have purchased our goods or services after visiting our websites. These data may be informed to our business partners but an anonymous method will be adopted so your private information will not be identified directly.




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