LIR2032 Li-ion Battery Coin Type

LIR2032 Battery Basic specifications

Battery Model: LIR2032

Battery Type: Lithium ion rechargeable battery , coin type

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Nominal Capacity: 40±2mAh

Maximum Capacity: 42mAh

Internal resistance: ≤600mΩ

Dimension: Diameter 20.0mm -0.2    Height 3.2mm+0.3

Weight: 2.8±0.3g

Working temperature range: ﹣20℃—60℃

Storage temperature: 20℃±1

The Applications of LIR2032 :

Laptop computers,  PDA and IC cards,  Electric clocks and watches,  Wearable electronics devices,  Tracking units,  Monitoring units,  Remote control keys,  Digital cameras,  Sports bluetooth headset battery,  RC toys.
LIR2032 battery

LIR2032 Battery Features:

Long Cycle Life: Under normal usage, the cycle life of the LIR2032 Lithium ion rechargeable battery can be ≥300 circles while with capacity ≥80%.

High Power Density: High power density makes the LIR2032 battery light in weight and small in dimension. It can be used in small devices.

Safe and Reliable: No floating metal lithium assures a safer usage.

High working voltage: Working voltage is up to 3.6V, approx. 3 times of the voltage of NI-MH or NI-CD, which reduces the quantity of the battery needed in certain application.

No memory effect: No memory effect assures a constant maximum application.

Low self-discharge rate: ≤5%/month.

Good consistency is showed in LIR 2032 battery capacity, internal resistance, discharge platform and capacity retention. A strict complete internal quality control is subject to the ISO9000 system in the company’s production.




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