EEMB Promoted ESS Inventions In Intersolar North America 2017

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In earlier this month, July 11th to 13th, EEMB attended the Intersolar North America 2017 in San Francisco. This time, EEMB focused on the promotion of its lithium battery modules and solar power system serial products.

Intersolar North America takes place each July in the heart of North America’s largest solar market: California. Since its establishment in 2008, Intersolar North America has become the most-attended solar event and the premier networking platform for the North American solar industry. The exhibition focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, smart renewable energy and solar heating & cooling technologies. Intersolar North America has become the international industry’s meeting point for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, integrators, service providers and partners of the solar industry.

During the last ten years, as a professional lithium battery manufacturer since 1995, EEMB is devoted to the R&D of ESS products. Since Goodfellas, a 1280WH mobile lithium-ion battery generator, also EEMB’s first ESS product came out in 2007, EEMB pushed its endeavor and developed a wide range of all-in-one ESS system and various battery modules, making ESS system DIY easier for customers. In Intersolar North America, visitors from the globe have been exposed to EEMB’s Monerator serial products. The exhibits covered LiFePO4 battery modules, Solar Energy Storage & UPS Kit, Mobile Solar Generator, Portable Solar Power, Solar Landscape LED Lighting Power Station and other ESS technology results.

In Intersolar North America, EEMB has gained more access to customers form other parts of the world, sharing our new energy inventions and communicating with solar energy customers and interested ones.




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