How to choose a good portable solar generator

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A solar generator can be the perfect answer when a natural  or man made disaster strikes. It can take hours  if not days for power to be restored to your home.With a  solar powered generator you can keep a refrigerator running, cell phones charged, and lights on. You can even operate a gas furnace fan, power tools, fans,   televisions and even coffee makers!

A portable solar generator doesn’t have to be used     only in an emergency, you can take it on camping or      fishing outings. No need to run a noisy generator which drowns out the noise of nature and bothers your camping neighbors! It’ll bring a new meaning to “roughing it”.

It brings so much convenience and becomes necessary  in our daily life.

The follow 3 factors should be taken into consideration if  you have no idea how to choose a good portable solar generator, namely long life span, eco-friendly and safety.

Our Monerator series products do quite   well in the   above       aspects. Being a light-weight solar powered   portable     generator, it has refined the meaning of green energy. It        can     be charged by solar panel and/or AC wall outlet. Its genius   design and fine engineering has made the Monerator series   easy and safe to use and environmentally friendly. In addition,   powered by latest Li-ion battery technology, the Monerator   series has excellent life span. Are you still confused in   choosing a good portable solar generator? Monerator series   will be your smart choice




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