LiFePO4 Battery

Li-FePO4-BatteryLithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4 battery) is a type of rechargeable battery with the nominal voltage of 3.2V per cell. Because of its non-toxicity, high abundance of iron, excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, good electrochemical performance, long cycle life and high specific capacity, it is widely used in electric vehicles.

Key Features:

1) Long cycle life: more than 2000 times (charge and discharge at 1C, 80% capacity retention after 2000 cycles).

2) High safety: no fire and explosion in overcharge test at the voltage up to 30V and in short-circuit test, nail test, and heat shock up to 130℃ test.

3) Good charging and discharging performance.

4) High discharge rate up to 10C.

5) Environmental-friendly: all raw material of the batteries are environmental-friendly.

6) Wide working temperature range: from -10℃ to 60℃, extremely cold and hot weather will not affect its performance.

Application Example:

1) Battery Module
2) BTS Battery
3) UPS Battery
4) LEV Battery
5) GPS products, monitoring units, tracking units
6) Single seat golf buggy

We can provide battery solutions as per request.
Customized designs are available and welcome.
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