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[News] Solar energy Storage & UPS Kit
Smart mini series Solar energy Storage & UPS Kit is All in One solution brings convenience and easiness for anyone needs a handy power for daily consumption and emergency circumstance. 2016-04-08 10:06
[News] New Solar Cells with Record Energy Performance are Created
Generally, to ensure that they reflect as little light as possible and thus prevent energy loss, solar cells are textured using an alkaline bath that forms a rough surface on which pyramids are randomly distributed. Recently, researchers have obtained a record efficiency of 22.1% with silicon solar ... 2015-06-16 11:06
[News] EEMB Smart Hybrid UPS Boosts a Smart Energy System
“Storage behind the meter”is increasingly encouraged for homes and buildings in their overall energy system. EEMB's SMART Hybrid Power storage (ESS) and UPS System (PATENTED), is invented for smart management of local energy production and consumption and cost savings. The system integrates... 2015-06-03 17:33
[Solution] On&Off Grid Power System
EEMB’s SMART Hybrid Power storage (ESS) and UPS System (PATENTED), integrating with PV arrays, maximizes self consumption of Solar energy, at the same time stores electricity during off-peak to cut electricity costs. Centralized hybrid power management can switch power from Grid, Solar or both inte...
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