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[Products] Backup Power
Every family should consider having a good emergency power supply system established at home. Nowadays, problems of sudden energy are quite common and can easily affect us at any moment. However, to have even a cheap solar backup power system in your home and workplace may help you tied over signifi... 2015-03-20 09:46
[News] EEMB provides power outage solutions for emergency
On Nov 7th, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines with winds of 195mph, with experts saying “catastrophic damage”. The typhoon caused considerable casualties and damage to the highway network, airport, railroad, harbor and supply station. According to latest report, Power outage was also b... 2014-05-22 01:19
[News] EEMB LiFePO4 Batteries provide optimum solutions for UPS system
EEMB specializes in high technology designed LiFePO4 battery that provides the most reliable and cost-effective battery solutions for your uninterruptible power system (UPS).We have to admit that batteries play an essential and vital role in UPS system in the event of a power failure, so choosing a ... 2014-03-30 16:30
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