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Smart watches are popular among sports interests and professional athletes. It looks like no difference from normal watches accessories, while the small device is equipped with GPS function, even a sophisticated tracking and analyzing system for biological data when people are sweating in fitness centre or in the open air. Most of sports watches won a heart rate monitoring function, which can be an indicator for users to adjust their speed and intensity. Some are even applied in professional sports competitions. What power does the sports helpers use? Lithium Polymer battery has been the ideal choice of many newly designed electronic products with its high energy density, wide capacity range, light weight as well as long cycle life. EEMB can design safe and reliable battery solutions to meet your various demands. EEMB is also able to design customized small batteries for special needs of small-sized products.

Smart Watch Battery

Solution Features

Long run time

Long battery life fro several days can support your workouts, competitions, or adventures often exceed the duration of a long workday, like 24-hour mountain bike races, multi-day backpacking trips, and other long-distance activities.

Excellent environmental acclimation characteristics

EEMB lithium batteries are designed with wide temperature range and good performance in vibration and heat conditions, supporting the sport watch in various outdoor uses.

Solution Specifications




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