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ROV, a remote operated vehicle, is a tethered underwater mobile device that are widely applied in military, maritime affairs, underwater scientific research and deep water industries, such as coast guards, marine salvage, fishery, and marine mineral and oil development. ROVs have replaced humans, whose diving depths are limited by the rough underwater environment, playing a vital role in ocean exploration. Electrically driven ROVs removed the complexity of traditional hydraulic ROVs with small size and easy maintenance at a slight expense of robustness. Both of the two kinds and the newly-invented hybrid ROVs cannot complete underwater tasks without battery packs as the main power unit. Naturally, lithium iron phosphate batteries with great discharge characteristics, long cycle life, high capacity and stability, became a preferred option to power ROVs and sophisticated equipment inside, such as displaying and data recording devices, cameras, under water positioning system and others. EEMB ‘s lithium iron phosphate battery, LP8867220F cells, has been applied for our customers in ROV uses. Besides, various customized battery solutions are available.

ROV Battery

Solution Features

High capacity & high energy density

10000mAh capacity provide robust power for ROV operation control unit on the sea and ROV’s internal devices like video cameras, sonar, through the whole mission period lasting for hours even days. and realize the integrated working of ROVs.

Stable discharging performance

Continuous current 30A for more than 1 hour in operation at maximum speed. Stay within the range of 10A when Operating at standard mission speed. High peak current: Max. 40A-50A

Wide operation temperature range

EEMB Lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a wide operation temperature range from -10℃ to 60℃, can be applied in low-temperature deep water environment. Endurable acclimation performance will be the continuous power supply for ROVs in underwater observation and exploration.




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