Solar Street Light

solar power solution

Solar street lights are powered by the solar panels installed on the illumination device. The solar panels can charge a rechargeable battery in day time, and supply power to a fluorescent light or LED lamp during the night. When it comes to cloudy sky for a couple of days, while the solar street lights are required to keep working for all nights long, it means that a powerful back-up energy is needed to support the normal operating of solar street lights. As a professional battery manufacturer, especially in the area of lithium iron phosphate battery, EEMB will be your best choice for solar street light lithium battery.
EEMB’s lithium iron phosphate battery pack is composed of several 3.2V, 100Ah LiFePO4 modules with superior electrochemical characteristics, safety and thermal stability, representing an optimum battery solution for green, environmental-friendly illumination system.

Solar Street Light Battery

Solution Features

Tough environment acclimation ability

EEMB Lithium batteries are designed to survive extreme weather conditions with a wide temperature range of -10~45℃, and dust and water proof. Excellent environment resistance characteristics keep solar street lights lighting in any rough conditions for your needs.

Long Cycle life

Usually, street lights use LA batteries which require frequent water-topping. The troublesome maintenance can be erased by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in solar street lights, which can run for approximate 5 years without stop with thousands of times cycle life.

Solution Specifications

Nominal Voltage:12V,24V

Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate

Integrated Protection Circuit Module

Nominal Capacity: 20Ah~1000Ah

Operating Temperature: -10~45




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