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Lithium Polymer Battery

3.7 Volt - Secondary / Rechargeable Battery

EEMB Lithium Polymer Battery is designed for greater energy density, safer, wide temperature range, ultra thin, high power delivery, flexible form factors.

Lithium-ion polymer battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge, and reversely when charging. 

Different types of lithium-ion batteries use different chemistry and have different performance, cost, and safety characteristics. Unlike lithium primary batteries (=disposable batteries), lithium-ion cells use an intercalated lithium compound as the electrode material instead of metallic lithium.

Lithium-ion Polymer battery is also known as Li-Po, LIP, Li-poly, Lithium-poly and others.

 Main Features 

  • High cell voltage (3.7V)
  • Light-weight , Powerful, Long-lasting
  • High Reliability & High Safety
  • Vary In Capacity, Size, Shape for prototypes
  • Huge Range of Li-Poly Batteries for Select & Evaluate.

 Main Applications 

  • Wearable devices (hearing aid, smart clothing, heating apparels...) Wireless devices( Bluetooth beacons , Cargo Tracker)
  • Monitoring system and smart sensor
  • Industrial & consumer electronics
  • IoT Devices 
  • Portable Electronic Devices
  • Cash Register-POS
  • Medical Devices (Insulin pump, blood pressure devices...)
  • Automotive Products (Car alarm, car stereo, eCall solution, vehicle tracking...)
  • pulse monitors
  • Wi-Fi enabled smart home systems

*Lithium Polymer cells are available for tailor-made dimensions based on customer's design, we only list limited number of models below for your kind reference.

*Lithium Polymer cells are available for Custom design battery pack according to customers’ design configurations.

Contact us for more details regarding your specified project 

EEMB Lithium Polymer Battery Series

Lithium Polymer Standard Type Battery

Rechargeable - 3.7 Volt

Model: 403030/603450/9551119,more

Lithium Polymer High Temperature Type Battery

Rechargeable - 3.7 Volt

Model: 102040, more

Lithium Polymer Low Temperature Type Battery

Rechargeable - 3.7 Volt

Model: 383454/603048/103450,more

Lithium Polymer High Power Type Battery

Rechargeable - 3.7 Volt

Model: 452030/703048/8242125,more

Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

Rechargeable - Custom Design Volt

Custom Design R&D Support Prototype Sample

EEMB Battery with Terminations, Pins, Tags

Battery is always available with different types of terminations, i.e. PC pins, tabs, solder tabs, leads, wire, cable and connectors.  We hope you find the one in our product list and suite you the best.  If not, our Customer Service can assist you to find one, or offer custom-made terminations to meet meet your specifications. 

Custom Battery Pack

We manufacture custom battery pack assembly for electronic, industry and OEM business for decades.  We are proud to serve our customers, some of them are world's most prominent companies, with engineering design, prototype, in-house testing, certifications, and mass-production.  Our Customer Service can help for engineering suggestion to meet your specification.

EEMB Battery Quality Control & Compliance

Check EEMB manufacturing site and product compliance.

Safety Handling and Product Design with EEMB Lithium Battery

Handling Lithium Battery Safely