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EEMB Battery Safety

Since Lithium batteries are electrochemical products and belong to Class 9 dangerous goods, it is necessary to emphasize the safety of batteries.

 #Battery Safety Compliances



Military standard GJB 9001B-2009






Battery directive 2006/66/EC

UL: file number MH20555




Low-temperature battery patent


#Using Lithium Battery Safely

Safe product design when using lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries

  • PCM, the function of the protection circuit module (PCM) is to protect the battery from being overcharged, over-discharged, and short-circuited caused by external circuitry.
  • NTC, as a temperature sensor, can identify the corresponding temperature by detecting the resistance value of the resistor.

Safe product design when using Li-SOCL2 battery and Li-MnO2 battery

  • Diode, acts to prevent reverse charging between the batteries and prevent the battery from exploding.
  • Set the cut-off voltage, and be sure that the cut-off voltage of the battery is not lower than 2V; otherwise the battery will be over-discharged, causing damage or an explosion.

# Matters Require Special Attention

  • It is strictly forbidden to heat or throw the battery into the fire.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw the battery in liquids such as water, gasoline, beverages, etc.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use batteries close to the source of fire or in the car where the temperature may be higher than 60.
  • Do not charge/discharge under such conditions.
  • It is strictly forbidden to put metal items such as batteries and necklaces in pockets or bags with hairpin, coin or screw.
  • It is strictly forbidden to short circuit the (+) and (-) terminals to other metals.
  • Don't put cells in devices with (+) and (-) in the wrong way.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pierce cells with sharp objects such as needles.
  • It is strictly forbidden to disassemble or modify the battery.
  • Direct welding of batteries is strictly prohibited.
Please read the specification carefully before use, inaccurate handling of lithium batteries may cause battery fatal failure, such as leakage, heat generation, smoke, explosion or fire, decrease in capacity, and more.

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