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EEMB Battery's Service

To optimize customers' pursuit for proper DC power needs is our target. EEMB Battery has been focused on the production of Lithium battery, Primary Lithium batteries & Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, with battery chemical system of Li-MnO2, Li-SoCl2, Lithium Polymer, Li-ion, Lithium-ion Coin, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and batteries with different types of terminations, custom design battery packs for nearly 30 years.  

EEMB is an ONE-STOP Lithium battery manufacturer and supplier.  We manufacture Lithium batteries and provide customers engineering battery power designs, battery cells with customized sizes, custom design battery pack for battery cell chemistry type as following:

Besides offering batteries in standard sizes, EEMB provides customers with battery cells in customizable sizes and custom design battery packs to meet an unique specifications.

  • Custom Battery Cell for Lithium Polymer cells

If you are in a thought of a battery power, EEMB Customer Service is always ready to assist you with the latest battery technology, premium engineering design and systematic manufacturing technique.  We help you to choose the appropriate battery technology and meet your budget target with our top quality batteries and hassle free service.

Request a Quotation

*If you are in need of a battery power in particular models or meeting a specification, just Request a Quote, EEMB sales engineer will respond your Quote Request within 24 hours.

Custom Battery Pack 

*If you are looking for a higher battery energy and output power, a Custom Battery Pack may be an option.  EEMB Customer Service is ready to provide engineering assistance. 

Customized Size Battery Cell

*Customizable Battery Cell Size is available ONLY with Lithium Polymer Battery Cells and Lithium Iron Phosphate Pouch Type Battery Cell.

Battery Terminations for Coin and Cylindrical Batteries

*Battery is  always available with different types of Battery Terminations, such as PC pins, SMD, Axial Leads, Tabs, Wire, Connectors.  Check our Battery Terminations Options, since we have manufactured a lot more types or design of terminations for different battery models for various applications and customers, we are unable to include all termination models in our website.  Our Customer Service is always ready to assist you to find one, or we can setup an appropriate mold to meet your specifications.