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Li-ion Cylindrical Standard Type Battery

3.7 Volt - Lithium ion Battery

- Li-ion Cylindrical Battery 

 Main Features 

  • High Operating Voltage (3.7V)
  • High energy density; Advanced technology providesultra-high capacity Li-ion batteries
  • Wide operating temperature range; Li-ion batteries can be charged over a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C, and discharged between -20°C to 60°C
  • Designed for a safe operation, all batteries are equipped with multiple safety features, including a safe shut-down separator and a safety vent
  • High-output and high-load characteristics; Continuous discharge rate is at 2C
  • Low self-discharge rate and along cycle life
  • No memory effects

 Main Applications 

  • Audio visual equipment
  • Cellular phones   
  • Security display stands for phones and tablets  
  • Camera anti-theft display stands  
  • Office automation  
  • notebook PCs 
  • PDA 
  • Communication devices 
  • Electronic instruments

Model Size Weight Voltage Capacity Action
10440 10 g 3.7 V 320 mAh
17335 18 g 3.7 V 700 mAh
14500 21 g 3.7 V 800 mAh
17500 29 g 3.7 V 1100 mAh
18500 33 g 3.7 V 1400 mAh
18500 33 g 3.7 V 1500 mAh
18650 45 g 3.7 V 2000 mAh
18650 45 g 3.7 V 2200 mAh
18650 45 g 3.7 V 2600 mAh
18650 45 g 3.7 V 3000 mAh
18650 45 g 3.7 V 3450 mAh
21700 71 g 3.7 V 5000 mAh
26650 91.5 g 3.7 V 5000 mAh

EEMB Battery with Terminations, Pins, Tags

Battery is always available with different types of terminations, i.e. PC pins, tabs, solder tabs, leads, wire, cable and connectors.  We hope you find the one in our product list and suite you the best.  If not, our Customer Service can assist you to find one, or offer custom-made terminations to meet meet your specifications. 

Custom Battery Pack

We manufacture custom battery pack assembly for electronic, industry and OEM business for decades.  We are proud to serve our customers, some of them are world's most prominent companies, with engineering design, prototype, in-house testing, certifications, and mass-production.  Our Customer Service can help for engineering suggestion to meet your specification.

EEMB Battery Quality Control & Compliance

Check EEMB manufacturing site and product compliance.

Safety Handling and Product Design with EEMB Lithium Battery

Handling Lithium Battery Safely