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Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery

3.6 Volt Primary / Non-Rechargeable Battery

 Main Features  

  • The Li-SoCl2 batteries have the highest energy density of any practical Lithium battery chemistry.  Its energy density is 3 times higher than Alkaline batteries.
  • The nominal voltage of Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery is 3.6V
  • The Bobbin Energy Type of Li-SOCl2 battery is best suited for low current discharge profile applications. Spiral High Power Type and  Li-SOClER+Li-Capacitor High Power Pack version is best suited for high current peak discharge profile applications. 
  • Very wide temperature range: -55 °C ~ +85 °C. 
  • Superior shelf life: The self discharge EEMB Li-SOClBattery is extremely low, which can support long storage periods and achieve storage life of 10+ years.
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery is a non-rechargeable (primary) lithium battery.  

                *The battery cannot be recharged.

Principle and Reactions:

The positive active material of Li-SOCl2 batteries is liquid Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2) and the negative active material is Lithium (Li). The reactions of the batteryare shown below:

Positive reaction:   2SOCl2 + 4Li+ + 4e- →4LiCl + S + SO2

Negative reaction:   Li → Li+ + e-

Complete reaction:   2SOCl2+4Li → 4LiCl+ S + SO2

  Main Applications  

Smart Utility Metering/Emergency Backup/Data Collection/Unattended Sensors/RFID Tracking/Asset Tracking/Theft Prevention/Hunting Dogs/Carbon Monoxide Detectors/Gas/Water/Electric Meter/Toll RFID/IoT/Movement Sensor Monitor/Home Security System/Alarm System

EEMB Li-SoCl2 Battery Series

Li-SoCl2 Bobbin Energy Type Battery

Primary - 3.6 Volt

Model: ER14250/ER14505/ER18505/ER34615,more

Available: w/Terminations, Custom Battery Pack

Li-SoCl2 Spiral High Power Type Battery

Primary - 3.6 Volt

Model:ER14250M/ER14505M/ER26500M, more

Available: w/Terminations, Custom Battery Pack

Li-SoCl2 High Power ER+Li-Capacitor

Primary - 3.6 Volt

ER Battery High Power ER battery+Li-Capacitor

Available: w/Terminations, Custom Battery Pack

Li-SoCl2 High Temperature Type Battery

Primary - 3.6 Volt

Model: ER14505S/ER18505S/ER34615S,more

Available: w/Terminations, Custom Battery Pack

Li-SoCl2 Battery w/ Terminations

Primary - 3.6 Volt

Battery w/ Terminations/Custom Design Pins

Li-SoCl2 Battery Pack

Primary - Custom Design Volt

Custom Design R&D Support Prototype Sample

EEMB Battery with Terminations, Pins, Tags

Battery is always available with different types of terminations, i.e. PC pins, tabs, solder tabs, leads, wire, cable and connectors.  We hope you find the one in our product list and suite you the best.  If not, our Customer Service can assist you to find one, or offer custom-made terminations to meet meet your specifications. 


Custom Battery Pack

We manufacture custom battery pack assembly for electronic, industry and OEM business for decades.  We are proud to serve our customers, some of them are world's most prominent companies, with engineering design, prototype, in-house testing, certifications, and mass-production.  Our Customer Service can help for engineering suggestion to meet your specification.


EEMB Battery Quality Control & Compliance

Check EEMB manufacturing site and product compliance.


Safety Handling and Product Design with EEMB Lithium Battery

Handling Lithium Battery Safely

Custom Design Battery Cells & Packs

EEMB Battery is an ONE STOP green and safe power solution provider, specialized in battery cell manufacturing, battery pack's R&D and assembly, and marketing of Li-MnO2, Li-SoCL2, Li-FePO4Lithium PolymerLi-ion, 18650, 14500, 26650 batteries