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EEMB Lithium Polymer Battery Part Number

What's the Meaning of EEMB Lithium Polymer Battery Part Number

The part number (Product model) of EEMB 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery consists of dimension. 

For example, LP502030, 

EEMB Lithium Polymer Battery Cell's part number always starts with LP, and numeric number 502030 refers to battery size in order of Thickness, Width, Length, in the unit of mm. 

When measure cell physically:

50: (cell thickness), may get size of 5.0mm+0.3mm as the reference

20: (cell width), may get size of 20mm+0.5mm as the reference

30: (cell length), may get size of 30mm+1mm as the reference

Please note that the above dimension only refers to Lithium Polymer cell ONLY.  It means no PCM or any battery assembly involved.