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Li-ion Coin Battery w/ Terminations

Focused on Market Requirements of Modern Electronic Devices Designs, EEMB Battery Offers State-of-the-Art Primary and Rechargeable Coin Battery Assemblies

Various Types of Terminations:

  • PC Pins (Horizontal) / (Vertical) 
  • SMT (SMD) Mount
  • Solder Tabs, Wires 
  • Cables with Connectors
  • Custom Design Shape and Size is Available

Due to a great amount of battery terminations we have already made to meet customer's unique design, here we have only listed a very limited number of models below for your kind reference.

Contact us for more details regarding your specified project, or refer to our Types of Terminations

EEMB Battery with Terminations, Pins, Tags

Battery is always available with different types of terminations, i.e. PC pins, tabs, solder tabs, leads, wire, cable and connectors.  We hope you find the one in our product list and suite you the best.  If not, our Customer Service can assist you to find one, or offer custom-made terminations to meet meet your specifications. 

Custom Battery Pack

We manufacture custom battery pack assembly for electronic, industry and OEM business for decades.  We are proud to serve our customers, some of them are world's most prominent companies, with engineering design, prototype, in-house testing, certifications, and mass-production.  Our Customer Service can help for engineering suggestion to meet your specification.

EEMB Battery Quality Control & Compliance

Check EEMB manufacturing site and product compliance.

Safety Handling and Product Design with EEMB Lithium Battery

Handling Lithium Battery Safely